WW1 US 2nd LT. Named Officer Grouping 48th Infantry

The grouping is named to George Irving Cook 2nd LT 48th Infantry. To my knowledge cook was stateside during WW1. The group consist of his officers coat with 48th Inf and officer rank insignia. The uniform is named inside and marked size 5 1/2 slim. One of the buttons on the front has come loose, just needs reattached. There is a photo of Cook wearing what appears to be the exact same jacket. Also included are his pants which are named inside and mothing free. The wool pullover shirt is in great shape, has all buttons not named inside. The sam brown belt is in great shape leather is still soft and supple. Trouser belt has some minor staining to the canvas, mess kit is LF & C 1918. Nice 1900s period playing cards, leather case shows some heavy use as do the card themselves. Included in the insignia is various metal insignia all pinback and in great shape. Cook also served with the 89th infantry. His medals are an fantastic shape, tough to find boxed victory medals anymore. The only medal that is named is the Freemason medal which is also sterling. Group also comes with his sewing kit, which has his name sewn into it. There is a ton of correspondence and documents, some interesting documents from the 78th Division HQ in the 1920s. Overall a really nice untouched officers lot, getting harder to find WW1 groups that are not messed with.